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Good for business. Good for the community.

Evergreen has been a force in the improvement of the North Brooklyn economy since it was founded in 1982, offering a wide range of business services and acting as an advocate for local business interests. But we can’t do it alone—we need your help to continue to ensure that the needs of local industrial businesses are met.

Your tax-deductible contribution, combined with our public and private funding supports us in our efforts to provide high-quality business services to the industrial firms in North Brooklyn.

Membership in Evergreen is not only good for the business community; it’s good for your business, too! Evergreen members enjoy benefits such as:

  • Expert business services and assistance
  • Bi-weekly newsletter highlighting new programs, services, and upcoming events
  • Quarterly networking events with North Brooklyn businesses
  • Discounted Annual Celebration tickets
  • The satisfaction that your support is being applied towards a great local cause!

Join Evergreen now–it’s a tax-deductible donation! Via Paypal below or fill out the membership application here Evergreen Membership Application to pay by check.


Large corporations that are not headquartered in North Brooklyn (banks, utilities) * Includes a logo on the website and opportunity to submit content for e and print newsletters.


North Brooklyn businesses over 3 employees and over $600,000 in sales


Firms up to 3 employees and/or up to $600,000 in sales


Individuals, sole proprietors and firms up to 2 employees

If you prefer to pay by check, download a membership application. Mail completed application and check to:

2 Kingsland Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact Leah Archibald at 718-388-7287 x168 or if you have any membership questions.