Mission and History

Evergreen: Your North Brooklyn Business Exchange (formerly the East Williamsburg Valley Industrial Development Corporation) is a membership organization that champions manufacturing, creative production, and industrial service businesses in North Brooklyn and beyond. We connect businesses with resources and opportunities to help create and maintain high-quality jobs at all skill levels. 

Evergreen was founded in 1982 when a group of local business owners partnered with the St. Nicks Alliance to revitalize North Brooklyn’s industrial community. Initially, Evergreen worked to achieve its mission of economic development by addressing the high crime and poor sanitation affecting the area and serving as a liaison to government offices. In recent years, Evergreen has shifted its service focus to direct technical assistance and advocacy. We also offer a variety of workshops and seminars to all businesses, on topics ranging from human resources to the principles of business finance. 

Manufacturing is alive and well in North Brooklyn, and for the past 39 years, Evergreen has fought to keep it that way. North Brooklyn companies make everything from bespoke suits to architectural steel, from store installations for Park Avenue boutiques to fortune cookies. This is a dynamic combination of businesses old and new, traditional and innovative, big and small. But what they create most are good-paying jobs for the people who live here.  

Our community needs these jobs. Nearly 40% of the North Brooklyn industrial workforce lives in the local area. These jobs, on average, pay residents 73% more than local retail establishments; or $52,800 vs. $30,600 annually. Additionally, over 60% of manufacturing jobs offer benefits, compared with 30% of service jobs. Also, these jobs frequently do not require English proficiency or advanced education. Considering 20% of our local residents do not speak English, 31% live at or below the poverty line, and nearly 37% of them are on some form of public assistance, these jobs offer the best path to self-sufficiency and economic security for our community residents.