Palermo Body

Palermo Body is a collection of natural and environmentally conscious skincare and beauty products made right here in Brooklyn. Inspired by her Sicilian grandmother’s natural values, Jessica Morelli, Founder, created a brand characterized by freshness, simplicity, and ease. Initially, soap-making began as a hobby and side business, but it quickly became a pursuit of love.

Although it began in 2008, it was not until 2014 that Palermo Body became Jessica’s sole project and quickly the company gained a reputation for its use of natural ingredients, minimalist branding, and unique formulas. Launching first with twelve products, the brand has grown to include nineteen different soaps, oils, serums, aromatherapy rollers, and scrubs. Its first product and what sparked its popularity, Tea Tree Soap, has gone through several changes and iterations, but after many years it is still one of the most popular. Currently, Palermo Body’s most in-demand product is its Regenerative Facial Serum, a blend of rosehip and other CO2 oils, that can be applied any time of the day.

What started as a one-person company has grown into a team of five like-minded skincare enthusiasts based out of a space in South Williamsburg. Jessica, a self-taught entrepreneur with years of experience in customer service, has sought to cultivate a company culture of openness and mindfulness, and Palermo Body is a reflection of that. From its packaging one instantly knows what each product is, what ingredients it contains, and where it is made. One could say that Palermo Body’s growing presence in the wholesale and ecommerce markets can be attributed to the company’s emphasis on wellness and holistic living.

The future looks bright for Palermo Body as it looks to expand its line of products and scale its business to meet growing demand. With thousands of followers on social media and loyal customers, Palermo Body is a brand that attracts those looking to take care of themselves without hassle, individuals that prioritize not just looking good, but living healthier; a perfect match for industrial North Brooklyn.

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