Evergreen Lunch and Learn: Consulting the Genius of the Person with Holly Howard of ‘Ask Holly How’

Confused about social media and if it is right for your business?

Then join Evergreen and Holly Howard of ‘Ask Holly How’ for this Lunch + Learn Workshop!

The workshop will help you understand how you decide intentionally whether or not social media is the right tool for you to use to build your business. We’ll look at everything from financial planning, to deepening an understanding of your market and connecting to your culture.

Holly will share with you a range of online and IRL marketing content & strategies you can consider for your own company and how you can compare them to your own social media performance. Only when you reflect on the philosophical and technical aspects of your business will you have the information you need to consult your own genius and decide what approach is best for you.

We hope this seminar will help clarify the real return on investment of your time no matter where you focus it and also open your mind to the possibilities of another way of working if you want to drop social or help you double down on your love for it if that’s the conclusion you come to too!

About the speaker: Holly Howard
Since launching Ask Holly How in 2012, Holly has worked with over 500 businesses through her private consulting and business growth program. She has a rich background as a professional ballet dancer, music therapist, medical researcher, bassoonist, VP of Operations and Finance, and Professor of Business at Pratt Institute. Each of these pursuits has allowed her to shape her approach and philosophy to helping entrepreneurs grow their business without sacrificing their souls.

September 15, 2021
12:00 pm

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For questions and more info please contact Natalie Vichnevsky. 

Date: September 15th

Time: 12:00 PM


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