Fundamentals of Financial Projections for Your Business

A Free Five-Session Seminar beginning on May 12, 2022

Planning out your company’s financial future is more than just crunching numbers.  It could be one of the most important things you do for your business!  The process helps you visualize where you want to go, articulate your expectations and plan your resources.  It also builds your leadership intuition and uncovers any constraints that could creep up.

In this seminar series, we’ll take you through the process of creating projections for your business step-by-step. You’ll examine your financial reports, outline your expectations for the rest of 2022 and start thinking about 2023.  You will be able to test how your numbers react to different scenarios you are considering, and make thoughtful decisions that will have a positive impact on the future of your business.

If you’re motivated and committed to doing this work to improve your company’s financial planning systems, then join Evergreen and Skopos Collective for this five-part seminar and get on your way to mastering Business Projections!

The course is free but spots are limited. All sessions will take place on Zoom but the class will be interactive and attendees will be expected to participate. Full details and instructor bio can be found here.

The application can be found here. Applications are due by May 3, 2022. 

Please direct any questions about this course or the application to Natalie Vichnevsky.

Date: May 19th

Time: 10:00 AM


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