The One-Page Marketing Plan Seminar Series

A free six-session seminar beginning on September 16, 2021

Join Evergreen and Kim Robinson Jr. of 3pts for an interactive seminar series to address your marketing strategy (or lack thereof) head-on!

The success of your business starts and ends with customers. No matter what your goals are, customers are the answer. When understood and provided with a unique value, customers can help a business achieve the unimaginable. To do this you need to set an intention and a course of action to matter to customers and ultimately grow your business. This is the goal of The One-Page Marketing Plan seminar.

Over the course of six weeks you’ll be given guidance to build a simple but effective marketing plan to reach and convert customers. We’ll start with essential inventory exercises that provide foundational clarity for your eventual plan. We’ll then focus on customer development, brand building, budgeting, objective setting, designing strategies and more. We’ll focus on feasibility, bandwidth and explore your industry. This will ensure your plan reflects your bandwidth/resources and is achievable.

You’ll come out of this seminar with a rock-solid plan to direct your marketing and the intent to see it through.

This series is appropriate for business owners or relevant staff (those who have the capacity to make marketing decisions) of businesses that have been formally operating for at least a year- or many more. Participants should expect to spend at least 1.5 – 2 hours per week outside of class working on additional homework.

The course is free but spots are limited – this course will be capped at ten participants. All classes will take place on Zoom but the class will be interactive and attendees will be expected to actively participate.

Full course details can be found here.

The course application can be found here. Applications are due by August 27, 2021.

Please direct any questions about this course or the application to Natalie Vichnevsky.

Date: September 30th

Time: 10:00 AM


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