ACME Brooklyn

Started by set designer Shawn Patrick Anderson as a photography studio in Williamsburg’s rapidly changing Northside, ACME Brooklyn has captured the aesthetic that many believe has come to define the Brooklyn look. What first started as only a photo studio has quickly evolved into a studio, set design space, and prop house all in one, and now its myriad of reclaimed wood, Edison light bulbs, taxidermy, and vintage furniture pieces have made their way to a new space on Meserole Street.

ACME’s first employee and now managing partner, Brian Colgan, has overseen the company’s move from a 4,000 sq. ft. studio to its new 16,000 sq. ft space and the expansion of its prop rental arm including the creation of its online catalog, Colgan believes it is the online catalog that has made ACME stand out from its competitors, offering accessibility and ease as it allows clients to shop for props at any time during the day.

Spurred by limited room and rising rent, the move to its new space has allowed ACME to increase its prop offerings, artworks for rental, and set design projects. Initially a favorite for fashion brands, magazines, and department stores, ACME has expanded into television, film, and tradeshows. Its new location has made it easier make deliveries, while providing the company greater access to suppliers in industrial North Brooklyn.

From more elaborate set designs to fabrication of original pieces, ACME’s new space has opened up a world of possibilities. As it settles down in its new home, ACME hopes to keep up with changing trends and be able to offer even more exciting projects for its clients.