Alive Structures

Brooklyn environmentalists, Alive Structures, is Evergreen’s latest Member Spotlight feature. Founded by Marni Majorelle, the company specializes in green roof installations and landscape design. Although she grew up in the city, Majorelle cites her mother’s career as a landscape designer as the inspiration that allowed her to learn, from a young age, about vegetation and conservation. In a city with limited space, Majorelle sees green roofs as an opportunity to improve life in an urban setting. Underutilized and plentiful, roofs are perfect places to recreate habitat for native plants and wildlife, while offering an amazing perspective of the city. Besides roofs, Alive Structures also installs ecological gardens and terraces throughout the New York region.

A native Brooklynite, Majorelle is dedicated to the city that raised her, but recognizes the challenges that come with running a business here. While costs are an obvious challenge, she points out that in such a fast moving city, time and scheduling are also great obstacles. Grabbing people’s attention and coordinating schedules are a constant struggle for the business.

Of the many projects that Alive Structures has worked on, the Kingsland Wildflowers might be the most unique. Located on a property owned by Broadway Stages on Kingsland Avenue, the project was done in conjunction with the NYC Audubon Society and funded through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) as an effort to educate the public and further conservation in New York City. Spanning a series of roofs including two rooftops full of plants native to the area, the Kingsland Wildflowers is a perfect example that nature and industry can coexist.

Through her work, Majorelle hopes to show people that anyone can turn concrete spaces into vegetated ones. Businesses interested in greening their spaces should know that benefits of green roofs include: reducing energy, reducing air and water pollution, increasing property value and roof life span, and improving efficiency of HVAC systems and solar panels. Furthermore, they provide areas to decompress, relax, and connect with nature. Alive Structures hopes for a greener future as it expands its footprint in the region and continues to work with industrial businesses.