Carriage House Paper

Located in Williamsburg’s Southside, Carriage House Paper has been part of North Brooklyn’s industrial community for the last twenty years. Started by Donna Koretsky and her mother, Elaine Koretsky, Carriage House Paper is an importer and paper maker specializing in handmade papers made from a variety of pulps and barks.

While in high school Donna began learning different paper making techniques from her mother, a researcher on the technical and historical aspects of papermaking. Together they started Carriage House Paper first to import pulps and additives from Asia and Europe and resell them to paper makers in the United States. It since has come to specialize in the importation of abaca pulp from the banana plant, flax pulp, and several types of bark including that of mulberry trees grown in Asia.

In addition to the import and resale of raw materials, Carriage House Paper also creates its own papers in both Western and Asian styles. Fibers are mixed with pure water and beaten into a pulp in a Reina-Hollander beater and then formed with handmade mould and deckles. Paper is made to order and is ideal for printmaking, drawing, painting, letterpress printing, calligraphy, and anything for which handmade paper is desired.  The pulp can also be colored to produce paper in a variety of hues and patterns.

For beginners and paper makers interested in learning new techniques Carriage House Paper offers intensive workshops from its studio in Williamsburg. An outpost of industry on a rapidly changing Kent Avenue, Carriage House Paper hopes to continue to provide materials, supplies, and training to both papermakers and paper enthusiasts.