Control Electropolishing

Started in Freeport, NY in 1959, Control Electropolishing moved to Brooklyn in 1972 and has been located off Myrtle Avenue ever since. Its current president and CEO, Nancy Zapata, came on board in 1981 as a secretary and worked her way up, taking full ownership in 1991 after the company’s founder, Charles Morla, retired.

Control Electropolishing specializes in processes that polish and remove contaminants from metallic materials that will be used in products, one of its main clients being medical device manufacturers. The processes include electropolishing, passivating, and pickling.  Electropolishing is used to polish and deburr metal giving it a shiny finish and allowing for it to be handled, while passivating and pickling are processes which dissolve impurities from the metal and protects it from future corrosion using citric acid. The company is also capable of giving pieces dull satin finishes to remove glare allowing them to be used in surgical settings.

After being located in Brooklyn for forty-six years, Zapata cannot imagine Control Electropolishing being located anywhere else, but does admit running a business in New York City comes with some challenges, one of them being logistics. As the blocks around the company’s location have be rezoned from industrial to residential, traffic patterns have changed in the neighborhood. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic that before were not present has made making deliveries and everyday tasks increasingly difficult.  Zapata feels greater should be done to protect industrial zoned land from being converted to other uses.

Control Electropolishing hopes to continue to serve its customers and provide work opportunities for its employees, who are mostly based in the five boroughs. It recently expanded its offices to a space in Glendale, Queens and hopes to further diversify its portfolio of clients.