Cooper Tank & Welding

For seventy-one years our featured member this month, Cooper Tank & Welding, has made North Brooklyn home. Founded in 1946, it originally began on Moore Street as a manufacturer of boiler tanks and soon after began manufacturing dumpsters, recycling containers and compactors. By 1984 the company had expanded and opened Cooper Tank Recycling, a transfer station on Maspeth Avenue for construction & demolition debris.

This past September Cooper completed a move from its Maspeth Avenue location to a larger facility on Varick Avenue (Cooper Recycling). This new facility allowed for an upgrade in machinery with advanced automated sorting mechanisms  that allow for faster and more efficient processing, and which will result in increased recycling rates.  The new facility also has two inbound & two outbound scales, which have reduced total turnaround time for customers from an average of forty-five minutes to ten.

Naomi Cooper, Cooper Tank & Welding’s Vice President, who helped manage the development of the new facility, stresses the company’s commitment to staying in the North Brooklyn area. While the high cost of doing business in New York is difficult, she cites the changing nature of the industrial area as one of the hardest aspects of operating in the borough. As an increasing number of commercial and residential projects take foot in the industrial area, she foresees more land use conflicts arising. Additionally, she sees the need for greater transparency from city government regarding permits.

Currently Cooper Recycling has eighty employees and it recycles 85% of the debris that comes in; as 2018 begins, the company hopes to reach a recycling rate of 95%. Cooper Recycling is also the only facility in NY with RCI Certification; all recycling rates are verified and public. While Williamsburg has gone through unprecedented changes, Cooper Tank & Welding has been a mainstay of the neighborhood, and it hopes to continue to serve its customers in throughout the city.