Descendant Cider Co.

Pioneering a new style of American cider, Descendant Cider  Co. was started in New York after founders, Alexandria Fisk and Jahil Maplestone, could not find readily great selections of ciders at their local bars. Originally from the UK and Australia, and cider lovers, Fisk and Maplestone thought it would be fun to replicate what the brewing scene had done for beer with cider.

Cider was once one of the most popular beverages in the United States, but the industry collapsed as beer gained popularity and later Prohibition took hold.  From its launch in 2014 Descendant Cider’s goal has been to reintroduce the American public to cider and reimagine what an American cider can be.

While countries such as the UK, France, and Spain have long traditions of cider and are known for specific qualities, the relative newness of the US cider scene allows for greater creativity when it comes to flavors.  Currently, the apple industry is experiencing a period of change as the types of apples being produced and marketed diversifies; traditionally Red Delicious and Granny Smith have dominated supermarkets, but now there is a growing demand for other varieties.

Most of the apples the company uses are harvested in its upstate farm, while pressing and fermentation occurs in its Maspeth facility. The pressing process allows cideries to use deformed and scabbed apples that have been sorted from those intended commercial use; the whole process takes from three weeks to one year. Even though space in New York City is limited and the cost of doing business here is high, it can still be done. While cideries have usually been located on orchards, Descendant Cider Co. is proving that they can be located in the city.