GridMarket, one of Evergreen’s newest members, facilitates clean energy projects for consumers, utility companies, and government.  GridMarket’s CEO, Nick Davis, cites his youth growing up in Brooklyn as motivation to help small and medium sized businesses. After obtaining his education in natural resources economics, he was instinctively pulled towards energy as a field where he could be of assistance to local businesses while helping the environment.

GridMarket works to help businesses save money by creating their own energy and reducing their dependency on utility companies. The company’s platform analyzes properties and portfolios to identify opportunities for cost savings, enhanced building performance and reduced energy consumption. GridMarket makes site specific recommendations for best fit technologies, system sizes and designs, incentives programs, financing options and solutions providers.  There is no risk to working with GridMarket; assessments are free and require no commitment.

Many businesses are becoming more interested in  solar power and battery storage to alleviate their energy costs and increase reliability.  Although government support was initially very important for growth of the clean energy market, this has become less critical as technology prices have dropped and consumers have become more educated on the matter.

GridMarket forsees increased deployment and consumption of clean energy, which will eventually lead to a time where it will be able to pay for itself. Consumers increasingly understand the value that clean energy can add to their property, the savings it will bring, and the environmental benefits. Many of North Brooklyn’s businesses are perfectly positioned to lower their energy costs while making a positive impact on the environment. GridMarket is very excited to join Evergreen and looks forward to being part of and supporting the local business community!