Hi-Tech Resource Recovery

One of North Brooklyn’s major industries is recycling/waste management and one of its major players is Hi-Tech Resource Recovery. Paul Zambrotta of Hi-Tech Resource Recovery has been working in the recycling and waste management business for decades, building his experience in the industry from a young age through his family’s business, Mr. T Carting, which was started by his grandfather over 60 years ago. He fondly remembers learning the business with his father as a young boy on his days off from school.

Throughout the years Paul has seen the city evolve and the industry change with it. This includes a greater emphasis on safety, compliance with California emission standards, and the switch to single-stream recycling. He points out that one of the toughest challenges the company faces today is complying with the changing governmental rules and regulations. Additionally, he cites the day to day responsibilities of managing multiple accounts and ensuring clients also comply with regulations as increasingly difficult.

Hi-Tech Resource Recovery has been receiving non-hazardous municipal solid waste since 1988 and its facilities can currently receive up to 500 tons per day. They are open to private carting companies and Business Integrity Commission (BIC) approved businesses. On a typical day their facilities receive all sorts of materials including: garbage, wood, metal, light construction, furniture, appliances, and mixed loads.

In the future Paul foresees businesses increasingly sorting and composting their waste and city regulations becoming stricter overall. He hopes that Hi-Tech Resource Recovery expands with new more efficient technology and would like it to continue to be a part of the North Brooklyn community.