Irwin Friedman & Son

Located on Banker Street between Nassau and Norman Avenues, Irwin Friedman & Son has been serving New York City’s heating and plumbing needs for three generations. Specializing in general plumbing, boilers, gas leaks, repairs and alterations, the business has been a staple of the North Brooklyn industrial community.

Current owner Jay Friedman has been running the business since the early 1980s, but its beginnings go back to 1926 in Jay’s grandparents’ house in Bedford-Stuyvesant. From their basement Jay’s family was able to grow the business, eventually moving to a location on Bayard Street. The business would eventually become Irwin Friedman & Son and move to its current location.

A typical day for Jay includes managing operations, training employees, and staying up to date with accounts. He believes there have been both positive and negative changes in the neighborhood; while the area has become much cleaner and safer, new development has caused greater congestion and liability insurance costs to increase. In addition to heating and plumbing, Irwin Friedman & Son also offers fire sprinkler installations and Department of Building inspections. Since there has been a decrease in manufacturing in the area, the company increasingly services commercial and residential buildings.

Jay feels fortunate to be located just outside the 2005 North Brooklyn Waterfront rezoning area, where many blocks were rezoned from industrial-use to mixed-use (residential and commercial). He hopes to continue to watch the neighborhood evolve and in the future pass the business onto his son, who would mark the 4th generation of the family running Irwin Friedman & Son.