Mama O’s Premium Kimchi

Fulfilling our fermented food dreams, Brooklyn based Mama O’s Premium Kimchi brings high-quality traditional Korean kimchi to stores nationwide. A staple of Korean cuisine, kimchi is a dish consisting of fermented vegetables usually cabbage, fish sauce, and seasonings. Started in 2007 by Kheedim Oh when he noticed a lack of quality kimchi on the market and soon after with the help of his mother and her recipe, started to sell small batches to stores around New York including at Essex Market, Forager’s Market, and Marlow & Daughters.

Mama O’s Premium Kimchi beginnings are in Kheedim’s parents’ home where his mom perfected the recipe and the name of the company is an homage to her skills and dedication.  From her kitchen and later several locations including Kheedim’s apartment, a friend’s restaurant, and his own deli in Ridgewood, the company has found a home in the Pfizer Building here in North Brooklyn. Kheedim feels fortunate to have space in such a central location that provides a sense of community and is at the epicenter of the small food producer movement in Brooklyn.

Kheedim’s venture with kimchi comes after a long career in the music industry, where he was a DJ, concert promoter, and producer. Aside from making delicious kimchi, Mama O’s allows to Kheedim to continue to be creative and to provide a platform for local artists. This year Mama O’s celebrated the ninth annual Kimchipalooza, a celebration of Korean cuisine, local art, and bands at Arrogant Swine in Williamsburg. The event includes a Super Spicy Kimchi eating competition with the winner being awarded a trophy taller than the average human.

Proudly made in Brooklyn, Mama O’s is looking to ride the popularity wave Korean culture and ferment foods are currently experiencing to educate people about different Korean flavors and quality kimchi. In addition to kimchi, Mama O’s Premium Kimchi offers a Kimchili sauce, a Kimchi paste, and a Homemade Kimchi kit. All products are currently available online and Mama O’s Premium Kimchi is available in stores across the country.