Masterwork Plaques

New York City is a city full of signs, many of them commemorating important historical events or people. Many of those that you see during your everyday commute may have been made or designed by Jennifer Andrews, President of Masterwork Plaques. Andrews started her career in New York as an artist doing public art for communities around the country as part of Andrews LeFevre Studios with artist Gregg LeFevre. The duo worked together for 15 years, creating projects such as the medallions at Foley Square, the Union Square Timeline, and Library Way. Realizing that there was a niche for artistically inclined plaques, she started Masterwork Plaques in 2014.

Masterwork Plaques specializes in the design and creation of cast plaques, hand sculpted reliefs, etched and cut metal signage. Aiming to be a green company, they use recyclable materials such as bronze, stainless steel, aluminum and never use plastics. Masterwork Plaques has sought to break the trend of mass-produced signage and regularly collaborates with designers, architects, and foundries.

While its design studios are located in Williamsburg, Masterwork Plaques has made it a point to support US manufacturing and frequently works with foundries from across the country for its projects. Splitting production between its design studio and foundries outside of the city has led to cost savings and introduced it to metal workers with different specializations. This has allowed Masterwork Plaques to create unique custom works, making them stand out from competitors.

Proudly NYC based and DBE/WBE certified, Masterwork Plaques thrives on the artistic and manufacturing ecosystems in the North Brooklyn community. Its works can be seen in the ever-changing landscape of the city, including seals and signage for the renovated Queens Manhattan Tunnel, the renamed Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, and the soon to open Nitehawk Cinema at Prospect Park. Masterworks Plaques’s hopes to continue to grow from its base here in Williamsburg and that its work continues to provide a sense of place.