Oso Industries

Concrete is the name of the game at Eric Weil’s Greenpoint-based company, Oso Industries. Weill began the company twelve years ago out of a small space on Myrtle Avenue and today resides in the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center (GMDC).

After studying sculpture in art school Weil began to experiment with concrete as a material, fascinated by its durability and flexibility. That flexibility has allowed Oso Industries to specialize in creating pieces from concrete for designers, architects, companies, and home owners, as well as create its own product line. From tables to walls to countertops, the company’s custom designs are infinite and can fit in a variety of spaces including bars, hotels, restaurants, homes, and offices.

Proudly based in New York City, Oso Industries believes its location is key to its success as its carefully trained employees and most of its clients are in the city and being close by facilitates communication, deliveries, and sourcing of supplies. As the cost of doing business increases in the city, many of Oso Industries’ suppliers have been priced out and moved. Weill wishes more could be done to protect local businesses providing vital materials such as sand, cement, Plexiglas, and lumber as having them nearby is imperative to a quick turnaround for projects and to lowering costs.

While overhead costs in the city are high and the logistics of navigating the city with concrete pieces is tough, Weil cannot imagine Oso Industries anywhere else.  The company hopes to continue to bring its clients’ ideas to life and expand its base of showrooms to more cities in the United States and Canada.