Member Spotlight

February 2018

Cooper Tank & Welding

For seventy-one years our featured member this month, Cooper Tank & Welding, has made North Brooklyn home. Founded in 1946, it originally began on Moore Street as a manufacturer of boiler tanks and soon after began… Read More ›

January 2018

Descendant Cider Co.

Pioneering a new style of American cider, Descendant Cider  Co. was started in New York after founders, Alexandria Fisk and Jahil Maplestone, could not find readily great selections of ciders at their local bars. Originally from… Read More ›

November 2017

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen started as one truck in 2008 with the goal of creating classic ice cream from natural ingredients and since then has become a local phenomenon. Headquartered in Brooklyn, the company now has multiple trucks… Read More ›

September 2017

Alive Structures

Brooklyn environmentalists, Alive Structures, is Evergreen’s latest Member Spotlight feature. Founded by Marni Majorelle, the company specializes in green roof installations and landscape design. Although she grew up in the city, Majorelle cites her mother’s career… Read More ›

August 2017

Enlightenment Wines

Mead, an ancient wine made from fermented honey, has found a new home in Bushwick’s Enlightenment Wines and its tasting room Honey’s. Started by Raphael Lyon and Arley Marks, this new meadery hopes to educate the… Read More ›

July 2017

Hi-Tech Resource Recovery

One of North Brooklyn’s major industries is recycling/waste management and one of its major players is Hi-Tech Resource Recovery. Paul Zambrotta of Hi-Tech Resource Recovery has been working in the recycling and waste management business for… Read More ›

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