Member Spotlight

August 2019

Mama O’s Premium Kimchi

Fulfilling our fermented food dreams, Brooklyn based Mama O’s Premium Kimchi brings high-quality traditional Korean kimchi to stores nationwide. A staple of Korean cuisine, kimchi is a dish consisting of fermented vegetables usually cabbage, fish sauce,… Read More ›

July 2019


Situated on Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick, BK ROT is a unique organization that offers fossil fuel-free food waste hauling and composting service. The project was started by Sandy Nurse and Renee Peperone when they noticed the… Read More ›

May 2019

Palermo Body

Palermo Body is a collection of natural and environmentally conscious skincare and beauty products made right here in Brooklyn. Inspired by her Sicilian grandmother’s natural values, Jessica Morelli, Founder, created a brand characterized by freshness, simplicity,… Read More ›

April 2019

Cafe Grumpy

Started in 2005 by husband and wife team, Caroline Bell and Chris Timbrell, Café Grumpy is a specialty coffee roaster located on Diamond Street in Greenpoint. What began as a local coffee shop aiming to provide… Read More ›

February 2019

New York & Atlantic Railway

Operating since 1997, New York & Atlantic Railway (NYA) was established through collaboration between the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) and Anacostia Rail Holdings (ARH) to privatize freight services on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). From… Read More ›

January 2019

May Furniture

Founded in 2012 by Travis James, May Furniture designs and fabricates unique pieces of furniture, lighting, accessories, and paneling from its showroom and fabrication space, which are both in Greenpoint. Inspired by brutalism and Americana, James… Read More ›

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