Safety Dynamics LLC

Safety Dynamics, founded in 2007 by Chris Bittar and Gabriel Richardson, is a boutique environmental, health, and safety consulting firm that expanded in 2013 and purchased an 8,000 sq. ft. property located in the North Brooklyn IBZ. Safety Dynamics works on projects with various agencies including NYC Transit, NYC Housing Authority, MTACC, and DEP, among others. Their experienced staff of safety professionals include NYC DOB licensed Site Safety Managers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Safety Engineers, Certified Safety Professionals, and Environmental Specialists. Safety Dynamics helps businesses provide a safe work environment and operate more efficiently.

“We at Safety Dyanmics, LLC made the decision to join Evergreen as we appreciate and support their organization for the dedication to our neighborhood, community, and the small businesses within. Evergreen has been consistently proactive in offering their assistance to our business in several instances and will continue to be our “go to” source in the future. Thank you to the devoted staff of Evergreen for your professionalism, support and friendly “can-do” attitude!” – Chris Bittar, Owner of Safety Dyanmics

As a membership organization servicing industrial businesses in North Brooklyn for the past 30 years, members like Safety Dynamics are at the center of what we do. Becoming an Evergreen member not only provides support for our work, it also shows decision makers that there is a community of businesses that believe in what we do. The stronger our membership base, the better we can advocate for our industrial constituency and the better we can serve you. Show your support and become a member today!

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