Sightline Fabrication

Sightline Fabrication is a small scenic fabrication studio, located on the north end of Greenpoint that serves Off-Broadway, Regional, and Educational Theater, that began in 2008. Headed by Shayne Izatt and Jessica Kaplan, Sightline Fabrication derives its name from the terminology for the lines of sight that the audience sees on stage. 

Prior to starting Sightline Fabrication, Izatt worked as a carpenter with the Manhattan Theater Club (MTC) for years. And Kaplan freelanced with as a scenic artist at various companies including MTC.  MTC is also one of the theater companies they currently build scenery for now. Additionally, they can list Beth Morrison Projects, Ars Nova, and Lincoln Center as clients. This year they will have completed their 70th project with Lincoln Center.

Izatt and Kaplan credit much of the success of their business to the North Brooklyn location of their facility. While larger scenic fabrication studios have moved outside of the city to other locations in the tri-state area, Sightline Fabrication’s location in Greenpoint gives clients easy access to meetings at the studio and the option to be more hands-on with their projects. It also makes it much easier to attract and retain skilled employees with experience building scenery in the theater industry as the studio is easily accessible by subway or car and most employees live in the city.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made running a scenic fabrication studio more difficult than ever, but Sightline Fabrication is dedicated to the performing arts and the cultural contributions the industry brings to New York City. Although the costs of operating a business have increased, New York City remains a vital location to the theater world and the skilled talent that makes it all happen. Izatt and Kaplan hope to continue to house Sightline Fabrication in North Brooklyn and be part of the return of in-person performing arts in the city.