The 1896, Studios & Stages

The 1896, Studios and Stages was originally founded in 2008 by sculptor Jen Durbin.

Occupying turn-of-the century former factory buildings, The 1896 functions as 24-hour shooting location for New York’s Photo, Television and Motion Picture Industry, as well as workspaces for over 40+ small business owners/artists and their employees.

In 2016, The 1896 adopted two more of these original warehouses that once comprised the block long “Power Company”, a manufacturer of electrical conduit. The 1896 has honed a name for itself through preserving the unique character of these buildings.

In 2017, The 1896 has plans to add an additional soundstage becoming an official Qualified Production Facility (QPF) with the Governor’s office of Motion Picture and Television Development.

Recent clients include Saturday Night Live, MARVEL/NETFLIX’S Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Vogue Magazine, GQ, MONSTER Headphones, NIKE, Nordstrom, Cardi B’s latest music video, Blindspot, Blacklist as well as Art21/PBS.

The 1896, Studios and Stages is proud to be a woman-owned, family business with Michael Chambers (Jen’s husband) joining in the partnership in 2012. Jen has been a member of Evergreen’s board since 2015 and is a strong believer in its mission: “Evergreen in an incredible resource whether you’re renter or an owner – With the troops at Evergreen you will never feel alone in this wild world of starting/running a business, growing a company or even finding out if your lease is a fair one.” The 1896 will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year! With the help of their devoted staff and wonderful managers Loren Erdrich and Kristin Hanne, they look forward to the next 10!