Brooklyn based design/build firm, Twoseven specializes in the creation of window displays, retail interiors, showrooms, and art pieces for fashion and lifestyle brands, as well as art institutions and events. Franco Gotte, a Swiss-born artist and woodworker, worked for several years in the display field including as the Production Manager at Saks Fifth Avenue and in 2001 decided to start his own company. Martina Salisbury, previously at Senior Designer at the Museum of Modern Art, joined in 2002 as Twoseven’s creative director.

Since its beginnings, Twoseven has worked hard to cultivate a strong company culture, where employees have room to develop and grow, many of them graduates of local universities such as Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts. What started as a group of freelancers has grown into a company of fifty employees working on projects on display both in the United States and abroad.

While there are challenges in running a growing manufacturing company in New York City, Twoseven feels right at home here. North Brooklyn’s strategic location allows its clients to easily visit its space and see in-person the amazing work being done on the floor. Brooklyn also provides the company with easy access to many suppliers located in and around the neighborhood. This a huge advantage when clients expect a quick turnaround and modifications are being made.

Technology is quickly changing how Twoseven operates as computers have streamlined many of the fabrication processes. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and laser cutters help achieve greater preciseness and speed up projects. Nevertheless, some projects are still made by hand if a bespoke aesthetic is desired. In the future, the company expects to further explore technologies, such as 3D printing, to create more elaborate designs and installations.

Twoseven’s roots are in the New York art community and it hopes to continue to be a hub of creativity in Brooklyn. In addition to hiring and training young designers, Franco and Martina hope to give back to the art and education institutions in the region that cultivate design.