August 12, 2015

Bike Lane Proposed for Metropolitan Avenue

The NYC Department of Transportation is developing a plan to stripe shared bike lanes along Metropolitan Avenue and extend Grand Street’s bike lane onto the Metropolitan Avenue Bridge. This will connect Brooklyn/Queens bike routes to one another and improve cyclist, motorist and pedestrian safety. Evergreen staff has been working with Community Board 1, NYC DOT and businesses adjacent to the bridge to collect concerns and suggestions about this proposal. Some of the suggestions made by local businesses made it into the most recent iteration of the proposal, which you can download here. In brief, the plan proposes to adjust the traffic flow at the Grand Street and the Metropolitan Avenue approaches to the bridge. On the bridge itself it adds a bike lane to two vehicle travel lanes westbound, and creates a buffered bike lane with a single vehicular traffic lane eastbound (this is a reduction from the current two eastbound traffic lanes.)

What do you think the impact on your business will be? We are collecting comments from the industrial business community to share with DOT when they present their current iteration of the plan at Community Board 1 in early fall—please send your thoughts, concerns and suggestions for improvement to Karen Nieves at by September 8, 2015. If there is significant interest in this subject we can arrange for an information session with NYC DOT in addition to the Community Board meeting.