January 27, 2016

Evergreen – Helping Businesses Create a Greener Greenpoint

In November 2015, Evergreen, partnered with Greenpoint-based industrial businesses and eDesign Dynamics, was awarded $99,950 through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund. We are thrilled to join the GCEF grantee community with our ‘Greenpoint Industrial Improvement Program’ and look forward to helping create a greener and more resilient Greenpoint for both residents and businesses. This funding will allow us to organize a cohort of industrial businesses in the 11222 zip code to research, design and implement capital improvement projects related to ‘Green Infrastructure’ implementations that will have a significant impact on the local environment. If you have a business or industrial property in 11222 and want to talk about ways we can help you green your facility, contact us right away. For more information or to get involved, visit www.GCEFund.org and contact Natalie Vichnevsky at nvichnevsky@evergreenexchange.org or 718-388-7287 ext 116.