March 11, 2022

Evergreen Opens its Newest Building, the Wesley H. Watson Industrial Center at 500 Stagg Street

We are thrilled to announce that yesterday we celebrated the ribbon cutting and dedication of our 5th manufacturing building, the Wesley H. Watson Industrial Center at 500 Stagg Street!

Evergreen has been working for four decades to help small businesses grow so we can keep high-quality working-class jobs in our community. Our development of 500 Stagg Street will help us continue to achieve this goal in the future–by creating an affordable, stable home for three local manufacturers, and then by allowing us to invest any excess revenues into business development programming to help numerous other businesses in the community grow, as we have been doing since we acquired our first building 15 years ago.

This building is an important milestone for Evergreen. It is our first multi-tenanted building, and the first building we have had to manage a very substantial renovation. The scale of this endeavor, combined with a series of curveballs thrown at us by the global pandemic created a seemingly endless string of challenges for our team. But we continued to push forward and at last succeed–largely because of the awesome team we were fortunate enough to assemble.

In particular, we would like to thank:

Of course, none of this is possible without funding, so we have to thank our generous project supporters:

We also want to thank our friends at ANHD, the Citi Foundation, and the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation for providing additional grants and the countless other people and companies who gave us advice, assistance, and support on the project. Additionally, we want to thank our elected officials for their support:

  • Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso
  • New York State Assemblymember Emily Gallagher
  • New York City Councilmember Jennifer Gutierrez
  • New York State Senator Julia Salazar

Finally, we need to thank the Evergreen Board of Directors for their wisdom and guidance throughout the entire duration of the 500 Stagg project. Nobody believed in us more than our beloved Board Treasurer Wesley Watson, who, sadly, passed late last summer. Wesley was a source of advice and comfort for us for many, many years. We dedicate this building to Wesley in honor of his boundless love and generosity and his determination to always, always do the right thing. Although he is not here today, his words and witticisms will continue to guide us.

Thank you all!!