September 28, 2020

Exit Strategies – How to Sell Your Business to Your Employees

Thinking of selling your business? You may already be well acquainted with a potential purchaser–your current workforce! The Equitable Industrial Development Initiative, a new City-supported partnership between local business service providers, can help small business owners sell their business to their employees.

The program will provide eligible business owners with a free initial consultation, connections to technical assistance, and a pathway to private funding sources (where appropriate) to help determine if selling the business to the employees is the right choice.

This program will give owners the opportunity to sell their business at a fair market price, access tax benefits for worker-owned businesses, avoid the standard 15% broker fee, and preserve the legacy of the business for the workers and the community.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Leah Archibald. 

For more information about worker owned cooperatives visit the The Working World.