April 27, 2022

Grow With The Pros: Online Advertising “Ask Me Anything” Workshop

Expert: Sharon Lee Thony (SLT Consulting)
Moderator: Kim Robinson (3pts)
Cost: Free
Date & Time: 4/28 @ 2pm ET
Where: Virtual
RSVP: 3pts.co/ama
Nothing elicits more reactions, opinions, or stories from founders than online advertising. Some love it, some hate it. Many are intimidated and confused by it. Some have found success spending big on DTC style “blanding” campaigns. Others have crapped out and lost a fair amount of money. And these scars have resulted in many stopping advertising altogether.

Today, small businesses have access to large audiences using tools that weren’t available (or affordable) to them twenty years ago, the most important of them being the internet. Since most audiences have an access to high-speed internet through tv and internet packages, they can be easily reached. Earlier television and print media were the only sources to reach the masses, but now firms can turn to social media to market their product and gain a better reach.

However, they have to first build a substantial number of followers on their channel. Nevertheless, there are enough tools available for that as well, unlike in the olden times. If you take the example of growth tools offered by Enforce Social, the Best TikTok agency in 2022, you can notice how they can help buy followers for the TikTok platform and also help rank higher in the algorithms. Isn’t that a useful tool for brands looking forward to flourish in that particular domain? Through online advertising, you can reach customers, increase brand awareness and make sales quickly. And you not only have a chance to earn back the money you invested but to make significantly more on top of it. On the flip side, you may lose money or never get enough traction to grow. This is the gamble of today’s internet.

Since online advertising is a great tool for marketing and growth, businesses tend to opt for unique styles (like Dynamic Creative Ads) for their advertisements. These ads come with animations and different designs, which help the promoters to sell their products more effectively. In a few instances, online advertising (as well as social media) is incorrectly valued as the best and only means to grow a business. The truth is that it’s not an easy or quick fix. It’s simply an instrument that, when used correctly/in combination with other key tenets (knowing your why, developing your customer and brand, consistent organic marketing, etc.), creates success for a business. This leads businesses into looking at implementing Denver SEO strategies, as well as speaking to digital marketing professionals either online or in person, so they can get the best help for their situation.

That’s why 3pts has decided to host an online advertising “Ask Me Anything” virtual workshop. Here you can ask questions, discuss your feelings, challenges, wins, curiosity and/or anything else related to online advertising.

Kim Robinson will be joined by Sharon Lee Thony (SLT Consulting), a proper expert on the subject. Sharon is a mentor who has helped Kim throughout the journey of starting and building 3pts. She’s amazing and just gets it.

For this workshop, the goal is to create a safe space that’s welcoming, interactive and helpful. Take advantage of this one-time opportunity to connect with us to answer your biggest online advertising questions and help your business grow.

If you have any questions please contact Natalie Vichnevsky.