April 20, 2020

Martin Greenfield Clothiers’ Masks for Essential Workers

Martin Greenfield Clothiers wanted to do its part to flatten the curve and stop the spread so we’re producing tailor made, non medical masks for the general public, and donating masks to essential workers and the homeless. You can enable them to continue producing and donating these by funding the cost to  manufacture them at our unionized factory in Brooklyn. Your money will produce masks to be donated to grocery workers, drivers, delivery workers, food service workers, pharmacy workers, and more, including the homeless.

Click HERE to Donate to their GoFundMe so they can continue to help essential workers.

Click HERE to purchase 6 masks for yourself. With the purchase of 6 masks, 6 will be donated to essential workers and the homeless. 

Click HERE to watch ABC 7’s feature on their masks operation. 

If you have any questions please contact Leah Archibald.