February 24, 2017

Metal Work Industry Partnership and Training Program

The  Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Brooklyn Alliance’s Good Help Program is facilitating an employer-led Metal Work Industry Partnership and Training Program with the help of local businesses and community and economic development organizations like Evergreen. The need for skilled laborers and craftsman in the Metal Works Industry is overwhelming. Though the industry itself continues to be robust and healthy Brooklyn is not producing enough skillfully trained individuals to meet the needs of this niche market. We are seeking employers who are committed to identifying the specific skills needed within the industry and training individuals to perform them well. The Metal Works training program will address the needs of the industry and hopes to produce skilled craftsmen that will support its growth for generations to come!

Interested in getting involved or learning more? Please contact Natalie Vichnevsky at 718-388-7287 x116 or nvichnevsky@evergreenexchange.org for more information!