February 05, 2021

NYCxDESIGN’s Breakout Grant for Independent Design

In a city filled with world-renowned design leaders, all five boroughs are populated with smaller workshops of talented independent designers who make up the fabric of New York City design. In that vein, NYCxDESIGN is initiating The Breakout Grant.

NYCxDESIGN supports the independent designers and design businesses who continuously create and innovate to make New York the design capital of the world. To promote entrepreneurship in design, NYCxDESIGN provides an annual grant for local independent talent and businesses to turn their next great idea into reality. The Breakout Grant provides funding for existing independent design businesses to go to market with a new product or project that is in late-stage development and can show demonstrated viability.

NYCxDESIGN will seek to fund independent designers or design businesses that embody the entrepreneurial, creative, and innovative spirit of NYC, with a foundational commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

In May 2021, NYCxDESIGN will give three local independent designers or design businesses grants to go to market with their next design product or project. One $15,000 grant will be awarded to support a career-making moment. Two additional grants will be given at $5,000 to support continued project growth.



NYCxDESIGN will consider proposals from designers/design businesses who meet the below criteria:

  • Your business is located within the five boroughs of New York City
  • Your business’ 2019 OR 2020 annual revenue was between $100,000 – $500,000 as reported on your tax return
  • Your business has been in operation for more than three years
  • Your business category falls within one of the following professional design disciplines; Architecture, Graphics & Branding, Urban Design, Interior Design, Product Design*, Digital & Technology

*Fashion is excluded from Product Design

For more information and to apply click here.

If you have any questions please contact Emil Fraija.