June 26, 2020

Phase Two of NYC Reopening–What Do I Need to Know?

Phase One of NYC Reopening has been underway since June 8th and Phase Two is set to start on Monday, June 22. The reopenings will continue to occur in a phased approach, with 2 weeks between each phase. See the NY Forward website for full Phase 2 reopening details.

The following industry-specific summary guidelines have been issued for businesses eligible for phase two reopening:

NYS has created a set of guides and business safety templates for businesses. These are clear, comprehensive documents that list mandatory procedures and recommended procedures and includes a safety template that you can personalize for your own business. Mandatory procedures across industries include providing masks to staff free of charge, maintaining a distance between staff of 6 feet at all times, including breaks and meals, limiting workforce presence to 50% of max occupancy, posting social distancing tape on the floor near timeclocks and other gathering spaces, limiting the sharing of tools and machinery, establishing cleaning procedures and maintaining a cleaning log and providing hand sanitizing stations for staff. Each guide contains mandatory and recommended practices for each specific industry.

Business owners must read the “Detailed Guidelines” for their industries and provide their digital signature affirming they have read and understand the document. Print and save a copy for your own records. Businesses must also complete a business safety plan–you can utilize the template provided by NYS below. This document is not to be submitted to any agency–it should be filed somewhere in your office to be produced in the event of an inspection.

Guidelines and Business Safety Templates for Phase I Industries:

Agriculture, forestry, Fishing & Hunting

Retail Trade


Wholesale Trade

For full details, including the reopening guides for Phase Two and Three businesses, see the NY Forward Reopening Guide or contact Leah Archibald.