September 01, 2020

Upcoming: Evergreen’s Fall Seminar Series

Evergreen will be offering three long-format seminars for business owners in all industries with sessions commencing this September. Businesses from the Small Food Producers Network, Design/Fabrication Network, our legacy businesses or any industrial business owners that have not yet taken part in our educational programming are welcome!

Seminars are free but participation is by application only. The application for Mastering Your Business Numbers will be available this Friday 8/28 followed by Creating Your Employee Manual and Redesigning Your Chart of Accounts in the following two weeks. Links to apply will be sent out in our eblast, as usual. Brief descriptions follow and more complete information will be sent out along with the application details in the coming weeks.

Mastering Your Business Numbers
with Holly Howard of Ask Holly How

This series will offer a financial planning overview that is equally relevant to long term planning in ‘good times’ as it is to the planning required to weather a crisis. It is an excellent opportunity for business owners to start, or revisit their current financial plan and connect the dots between their goals for 2021 and beyond, their financial plan, and their marketing efforts.

Creating Your Employee Manual
with attorney Rania V. Sedhom of Sedhom Law Group, PLLC

To help small and growing businesses manage their most precious resource – their staff – this human resources training workshop will help owners compile a comprehensive employee handbook, including legal considerations. The series will cover major human resources topics as well as address any unique issues faced by participants as they relate to the creation of an employee manual.

Redesigning Your Chart of Accounts
with Elli Papadopoulos of Skopos Collective, LLC

A business’ Chart of Accounts forms the basis of the most important business financial statements: the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. The process – which is both art and science – of redesigning it is the *one* thing that can help you demystify and take ownership of your numbers. So why not make your financial statements work for you by customizing your Chart of Accounts based on how your business operates? This 5-part class will help you revamp your Chart of Accounts and get you closer to your business numbers.

These seminars are made possible by the generous support of Goldman Sachs Bank USA and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

If you have any questions please contact Natalie Vichnevsky.