North Brooklyn Brownfield Opportunity Area Plan (BOA)

Public Outreach

The BOA process involves a lot of opportunity for public input. We want to work with you throughout the coming months to make sure this plan reflects the community’s vision and goals.

Public Participation Overview

Large meetings took place in December ’15, June ’16, October ’16, and June ’17.
Small stakeholder panels in February and March ’16.
One-on-one interviews with property owners throughout.

Public Meeting 1

When: December 1, 2015
Where: Williamsburg Charter High School (198 Varet Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 – Montrose L stop)

This event serves as the public kickoff of our study, as well as the NYC Department of City Planning’s similar study. Together, we want to learn from you about your community. Your input will play a significant role in shaping our efforts, so we hope you will engage with us at the interactive stations we’ve set up and share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, questions, and stories. The meeting is open house format. You can move freely throughout the night, and brief remarks will occur intermittently.

A flyer for the meeting can be found here. The info boards for the meeting can be found here.

Public Meeting 2

When: June 23, 2016
Where: St. Francis of Paolo Church ((219 Conseylea Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 – Graham L stop)

The second public meeting will include a presentation and an interactive segment. The goal of the presentation is to share the findings of the Existing Conditions work and public outreach, present the preliminary Subarea Framework, and explain relevant case studies. Four stations, one devoted to each subarea, will be set up for the interactive segment of the meeting. At these stations, attendees can engage in goal-setting and prioritization of the team’s recommendations for each subarea. Using stickers and Post-it notes, participants can agree or disagree with goals, prioritize recommendations, and contribute their own development ideas for potential strategic sites.

A flyer for the meeting can be found here. The presentation for the meeting can be found here.

Public Meeting 3

When: October 19, 2016
Where: St. Nicks Alliance (2 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 – Graham L stop)

The third public meeting will include a presentation on the Subarea Framework and detailed Strategic Sites Analysis. There will also be opportunities for questions and discussion of the strategic sites after the presentation and in break-out stations for each site.

A flyer for the meeting can be found here. The presentation for the meeting can be found here.

Key Findings Presentation

When: June 14, 2017
Where: Allison Eden Studios (164 Cook Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 – Morgan L stop)

This final meeting will be a presentation of the key findings and recommendations of the the BOA study as a way to give everyone who participated a chance to see the fruits of their labors.

The presentation for the meeting can be found here.

Stakeholder Roundtables

Small stakeholder roundtables will be held, in collaboration with DCP, organized based on different business types with an additional session that focused transportation generally. While there are many common goals among all the community stakeholders, there are distinctions between businesses and residents or industrial and commercial businesses that were worth parsing into groups. Questions have been prepared to spark conversation, inquire about business location choices, business opportunities and challenges, and future aspirations for the area. For residents, it is desirable to know what you value about the neighborhood, what you see as challenges, and what you want to see in the area in the future. These seven panels will enhance the team’s understanding of the study area by providing granular reporting on specific block or street issues and community concerns and goals.

February 2, 2016 Large Industrial Businesses
February 3, 2016 Small Industrial Businesses
February 4, 2016 Open Industrial Use Businesses
February 9, 2016 Office Businesses
February 10, 2016 Retail, Entertainment, and the Arts Businesses
February 22, 2016 Transportation
March 3, 2016 Residents

Steering Committee

A steering committee was established to help make key decisions throughout the BOA process. It included the following government officials (at both the state and local levels) and community partners:

  • Sulin Carling, Senior Program Manager; New York City Department of City Planning. Other DCP staff who served as Steering Committee members but not for the duration of the project were Vanessa Espaillat Bonnelly, Sarit Platkin, and Kerensa Wood
  • Miquela Craytor, Vice President; New York City Economic Development Corporation
  • Artineh Havan, Executive Director; Grand Street BID, Brooklyn Community Board 1
  • Lee Ilan, Chief of Planning; New York City Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation
  • Frank Lang, Director of Housing; St. Nicks Alliance
  • Dana Mecomber, Engineer; New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. For the final meeting, Dana Mecomber was replaced by Jane O’Connell.

Other groups that played an advisory role include NYSDOS and the New York City Department of Transportation.

The group met six different times between January 2015 and October 2016. The schedule was as follows:

  • The first meeting on January 13, 2015 was devoted to introductions, discussing the BOA program, and preliminary planning for an RFP to hire a consultant team.
  • The second meeting on June 30, 2015 was devoted to selecting the consultant team.
  • The third meeting on November 16, 2015 was integrated with the official project kickoff and included planning for the first public meeting.
  • The fourth meeting on March 11, 2016 was devoted to the consultant team’s Existing Conditions analysis and presentation.
  • The fifth meeting on June 16, 2016 was focused on honing the preliminary subarea framework, narrowing the strategic site selection list, sharing case studies, and planning for the second public meeting.
  • The final meeting on October 4, 2016 consisted of an in-depth discussion of the three final strategic sites as well as planning for the third public meeting.

Stay in Touch!

Would you like to learn more about this project? Stephen Fabian is Evergreen’s BOA project coordinator. You can sign up for project updates or ask questions by emailing him at His phone number is 718-388-7287×212.