North Brooklyn Brownfield Opportunity Area Plan (BOA)

Study Content

During the BOA project, we will be doing a lot of research and activity to develop a comprehensive plan. On this page, we will share our findings and the materials we create.

North Brooklyn BOA Map

Existing Conditions Report

Subarea Framework


Community Vision Goals and Objectives

“The North Brooklyn community envisions a thriving 21st century industrial area that is diverse and inclusive, adaptable yet stable, and environmentally responsible, allowing businesses to grow in place and continue providing the neighborhood with high quality jobs, the city with essential services, and the world with excellent products.”

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: (Re)Develop Industrial Property

Objective 1-1: Engage in Area-wide Development Strategies

Objective 1-2: Protect and Strengthen Core Industrial Areas

Objective 1-3: Balance Mixed-Use Areas

Goal 2: World-class Infrastructure

Objective 2-1: Address Transportation Issues

Objective 2-2: Promote Environmental Resilience and Remediation  

Objective 2-3: Provide Other Upgrades Necessary to Help Businesses Thrive

Goal 3: Continued Advocacy

Objective 3-1: Continued Participation in the DCP North Brooklyn Industry & Innovation Plan

 Objective 3-2: Continued Relationship Building with Developers & Property Owners

 Objective 3-3: Continued Linkages with Ongoing Environmental Efforts

(This is all more thoroughly defined and explained in the full BOA plan)

These plan components were prepared for the New York State Department of State with funds provided under the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program.