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Evergreen’s comprehensive array of free services ensures that we can meet all of your business needs. From financing assistance to educational programming, real estate search guidance to accessing incentives, we have you covered.


The advocacy work Evergreen does benefits both individual firms and the industrial business community as a whole. We work with city and state agencies to help them understand the unique challenges facing industrial businesses in NYC to promote policies that encourage business and job growth, such as incentive and financing programs. Evergreen endorses local land use policies to preserve and grow manufacturing jobs. We represent the industrial community during city and state transportation and infrastructure planning. Staff members actively represent the organization on the boards of the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, Association for Neighborhood Housing Development, Community Board 1, and the Newtown Creek Alliance. Evergreen also advocates on behalf of individual businesses to help them navigate government agencies on a variety of issues such as permits, tickets, graffiti removal, illegal dumping, utilities and signage. For assistance contact Karen Nieves at knieves@evergreenexchange.org


Evergreen hosts a calendar of workshops, seminars and networking opportunities designed to arm you with both information and industry contacts to run your business better. We run educational programming both through our specialized networks – the Small Food Producers Network (SFPN); Design/Fabrication Network (D/Fab) – as well as for our general constituency, including Legacy Businesses and those just getting started. For more information please contact Natalie Vichnevsky at nvichnevsky@evergreenxchange.org.


Whether you need a line of credit, a loan for property or equipment purchase or financing for complex developments, Evergreen is your link to accessing capital for your business. We have relationships with a wide variety of public and private financing institutions that can help industrial firms obtain funding for a broad range of needs. Our staff has helped firms get approved for loans and grants ranging from $10,000 to $6,000,000 – we can help you identify financing sources appropriate for your project. For more information please contact Natalie Vichnevsky at nvichnevsky@evergreenxchange.org.


If your firm is planning on expanding, hiring employees, investing in real estate or equipment, or looking to reduce your energy costs, you may be eligible for tax credits, abatements or rebates to partially offset the cost of your investment. Evergreen staff can assist in helping you access these programs and efficiently guide you through the application process. For more information please contact Karen Nieves at knieves@evergreenexchange.org

Real Estate

If your business is looking to purchase or rent space, Evergreen can help you with your search. With a focus on North Brooklyn our network includes property owners and real estate brokers with extensive knowledge of the industrial business community. After learning about your space needs, we will connect you with different sources and opportunities to find what you are looking for. Also, Evergreen owns five buildings and occasionally will have affordable industrial space to offer for lease. For more information please contact Stephen Fabian at sfabian@evergreenexchange.org.


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