DSNY Announces Contract Awards By Commercial Waste Zone

Following significant planning, analysis, and contract development, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) announced the next steps in the monumental overhaul of the City’s commercial waste industry mandated under Local Law 199 of 2019

DSNY is listing the awardees by zone and affirming the timeline to launch the first zone, Queens Central.

As the program rolls out, DSNY rules will take effect requiring carters to install safety equipment including backup cameras, auxiliary exterior lighting, and cross-over mirrors, as well as an integrated system for monitoring and recording GPS data. Each awardee and subcontractor is also required to provide annual certifications of worker safety training to DSNY, including training on collision avoidance, vehicle and equipment inspections, container management, and safe collection stops, as well as staffing plans to demonstrate that they have sufficient staff to perform awarded work.

Carters must charge their customers less for the collection of recycling and compostable material than they do for the collection of refuse.

Click here to learn more about commercial waste zones. 

For Businesses:

Starting March 1, 2024, all businesses in NYC must use bins with secure lids when setting out trash for collection. 
This rule applies to any business in New York City, regardless of what is sold.  Any perishable material (trash or organic material) must be in a bin with a secure lid when set out on the curb for collection. This requirement does not apply to businesses that have waste collected from a loading dock.
Bins should be stored inside or in a rear yard if possible. If space is not available, bins can be stored within three (3) feet of the building line when not set out for collection. Bins must be maintained in a neat and orderly manner and always allow for a clear path of pedestrian travel on the sidewalk.

Upcoming Trainings to Prepare Your Business:

Meeting DateMeeting TimeRegistration Link
Feb 611:00 AMhttps://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/775a9dde-a18e-4b8b-8f3e-aa91c2104617@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef
Feb 123:00 PM(Spanish) https://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/a6b8f369-8338-400d-b436-31653f79889b@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef
Feb 2110:00 AMhttps://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/16781dde-9de0-46b0-bd18-800d6173eb7e@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef
Feb 261:00 PM(Chinese) https://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/aaffc80f-8353-4f8e-a213-87f3d97e5237@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef
March 75:00 PMhttps://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/249aeace-381f-4164-804a-d34f9b885f6a@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef
March 1510:00 AM(Spanish) https://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/c2cee688-1622-47a0-ae75-4ee1e8d7071c@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef
March 193:00 PM(Chinese) https://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/5578d4ac-b96f-414c-a5ad-deebcb33f8d6@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef
Mar 255:00 PMhttps://events.gcc.teams.microsoft.com/event/f85b6b9d-6c69-4b4e-a104-801708758b04@32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef

As a reminder:

  • The food-related business containerization rule is in effect as of 8/1/2023.  All catering establishments, food manufacturers, food preparation establishments, food service establishments, food wholesalers, and retail food stores must use a bin to keep streets clean and avoid a fine.
  • The chain business containerization rule is in effect as of 9/5/2023. This includes all businesses with five or more locations in New York City.


  • Bins with secure lids can be set out at the curb 1 hour before closing
  • Clear bags can only be used after 8:00pm

If you have any questions please contact Karen Nieves. 

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