Industrial Real Estate

In 2008 Evergreen purchased its first building, a 10,000 square foot warehouse at 108 Dobbin Street in Greenpoint. Since then, we have grown our portfolio to five properties, with our newest being our most extensive real estate project yet: the multi-tenant manufacturing facility at 500 Stagg Street in East Williamsburg.

Because of our mission and the goals of the public funding we have utilized to acquire these properties, all of our tenants have below market rents as well as generous lease terms. But our real estate doesn’t just benefit these lucky seven; every dollar left after covering the operating and financing expenses gets re-invested into Evergreen’s programming, allowing us to offer a greater quality and quantity of services to hundreds of businesses each year!


108 Dobbin Street

Evergreen’s first foray into nonprofit industrial real estate development and ownership was in 2008, when we bought 108 Dobbin Street in Greenpoint. This 10,000 square foot building is home to Marovato Industries, who has been our tenant ever since then. A family-owned certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) with a union shop, Marovato engineers and fabricates pipes to serve all five boroughs of the city as well as parts of New Jersey.

162 Cook Street

Our second building was purchased a year later in 2009 at 162 Cook Street in East Williamsburg. It’s a 3,000 square foot building where Wood Works runs its carpentry business. They have been with us for 10 years and provide high-end custom furniture to clients including residences, hotels, and more all over the country.

158 Cook Street

In 2012, Evergreen was able to buy the buildings directly adjacent on both sides to 162 Cook Street. The larger of the two new acquisitions was 158 Cook Street, which is 6,000 square feet. Like its neighbor, the property is the home of a woodshop, NR Wood Design. They are a family-owned full-service architectural millwork and custom cabinetry firm. In addition to their custom woodwork and custom furniture services, they also offer design services.

164 Cook Street

The other half of the 2012 acquisition was 164 Cook, another 3,000 square foot warehouse building. Allison Eden Studios moved there in 2014. They make glass mosaics, predominantly for furniture and decorations, but increasingly they have been translating their vibrant designs into a fashion line, home products, and more. The creativity keeps on flowing from this wife and husband team.

500 Stagg Street - Wesley H. Watson Industrial Center

Evergreen’s latest property is 500 Stagg Street in East Williamsburg. This project marked a huge leap forward for us, as we not only assembled a financing package to make a purchase, but also took on construction for the first time, turning a 10,000 square foot warehouse into our first multi-tenant facility with three units and a shared interior loading dock. Not only that, but we had to do it during the pandemic. Despite numerous challenges, we managed to complete the building in early 2022. In honor of our beloved Board Member who sadly passed in 2021, we are calling this facility the Wesley H. Watson Industrial Center.

500 Stagg Unit 1 

This is not yet occupied but there is an offer pending.

500 Stagg Unit 2

Unit 2 is occupied by LEERFORM Fabrication | Design. Moving to our site for LEERFORM was as close to in-place expansion as one can get while not actually being in the same building, as we are just around the corner from their other site on Stewart Ave. The company provides comprehensive design, custom fabrication, and installation services to museums, galleries, and individual artists. At 500 Stagg LEERFORM is primarily doing fabrication for larger installs and metal work.

500 Stagg Unit 3 

Unit 3 is also occupied by LEERFORM Fabrication | Design


Allison Eden Studios

I really don’t know how other small businesses navigated the pandemic shutdown without assistance. We were very fortunate to have Evergreen’s wonderful staff guiding and advising us through the disaster. From providing grant availability information, to assistance obtaining EIDL & PPP loans, to understanding difficult HR compliance issues- during the toughest of times we had Evergreen by our side.

- Gary Goldenstein, President

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