Evergreen’s Business Engagement Survey 2024

Evergreen and the NYC Department of Small Business Services are asking you to respond to a Business Engagement Survey (State of NYC Industrial Business Survey) and to offer any assistance you might need to help your business. 

The responses you provide to the survey will be part of the most comprehensive assessment of the health of the city’s industrial businesses to date. They will inform you how we support you and how the City of New York develops and manages programs and services to support your business. 

Your information will not be shared publicly. 

Evergreen interns, Luke Rogers and Leo Shaw, will be visiting your business, if you have time please fill out the survey with them. This gives us an opportunity to listen to additional needs that may not be covered in the survey. If you do not have time when staff visits, staff can schedule an appointment for when it is convenient for you to fill out the survey together- either at your place of business or, over the telephone.

If you prefer, you can fill out the survey online at your convenience Please complete the survey with as much detail as possible. The entire survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. 

If you have any questions please contact Karen Nieves. 

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